CSPN Conferences and Trainings

One of the key tools that the Network offers is its conferences where we gather to share ideas and resources concerning proactive approaches to child safety and protection.  We hold both Regional Conferences and our Annual Conference, which includes our annual business meeting for our members.

We also hold Response Team Trainings (RTT), which is one of our most popular services. A common question is ‘What happens when I get a child safety report?’ The RTT aims to equip our members with the tools and protocols to respond effectively to a report. 

Our newest training curriculum, Programme Essentials Training (PET), has been completed recently.  Programme Essentials is geared toward policy makers and leaders who have responsibility for implementing and developing child safety programmes.

Resource Library

CSPN provides resources related to child safety and protection.  An extensive library of documents, policy papers from member organizations, PowerPoint and presentation notes are available for download to registered site members.   

Global Networking

Member organizations have member care staff all around the world, providing close support and encouragement in all areas.

Here is what one of our newest European members has to say:

”Up here,“ there is not much opportunity for sharing personally or profiting from the experience of others. That makes our membership with CSPN so valuable to me. Everything I know, I have researched and read – actually hearing and seeing so many passionate protectors of children is not only an invaluable resource of knowledge, but it also touches my heart.“

Elements of a Child Safety Program

By sharing ideas and practices from the network organizations, many forged in extremely difficult and painful situations, the Elements of a Child Safety Program has emerged. Network members have access to this body of knowledge.

International Training

CSPN offers child safety training in different regions of the world each year. See the upcoming conferences listings to find an opportunity to assist your international staff in getting the training that they need and that you require.

Peer Mentoring

By providing a close network of members, peer consulting and mentoring is available as members share their expertise and resources with each other.

Online Community

This is an area for members to engage in conversation with one another, share files, and subscribe to child safety and protection topics.