Public Resources

The following resources are available for public viewing.  We will be adding to these public resources several times a year. In order to have access to the full resource library, you must have a user account and be logged in.

The following resource materials are provided by members of CSPN or interested parties in order to share material that educates or informs regarding the safety and well being of children and young people. Any material will be congruent with the values and goals of the CSPN, and there will be no promotion of commercial products. These resources do not necessarily reflect the opinion of CSPN and are not necessarily endorsed by CSPN. Members should use their own judgment in evaluating their effectiveness and delivery.

The following websites are provided here to connect you to other organizations that are working in various areas of child safety:

 A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
 Visual Guide to Basic Child Life Support
 The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet
 5 Ways to Teach Kids to Say NO to Porn with Assertive Communication Skills
 Ambassador Kit - Inoculating Kids Against the Pandemic of Pornography
 Keeping Children Safe Online
 Safe Kids Worldwide
 Department of Family and Protective Services (Texas)
 Child Protection in the UK
 Find County Office in the USA
 Save The Children - Child Protection
 Committee For Children
 Ministry Safe
 Protecting Young Minds
 Asana Recovery - 2020 Guide to Understanding Childhood Trauma

Please use these resources to learn more about child safety issues. By educating ourselves and those in our organizations, we are able to do so much more to protect children in our communities.

 Childhoods in a Digital World
 Children's Commissioners Simplified Social Media Terms and Conditions
 A Review Children Young People Harmful Sexual Behaviour Online
 ECPAT Guide for Faith-Based Organizations
 Rethinking Sexuality, by Dr. Juli Slattery (link to
 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (child-friendly summary)

The resources below contain helpful tools and ideas to better protect the children in our families and communities.

Tip Sheet Behaviors to Watch For
Tip Sheet Family Safety Plan
 Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel/Tourism
Say "No" to Bottom-Games - Children Workbook
Say "No" to Bottom-Games - Parent's Guide
The Underwear Rule - Children's Guide
The Underwear Rule - Parent's Guide