Regional Conferences

The regional conferences provide an opportunity for members to meet together in ‘their part of the world’ and to receive updates and input on the issues that matter most to them.  We often run a two-day conference as a pre-cursor to the Response Team or Programme Essentials Training.  During regional conferences we look at child safety in that particular geographical context. 

An exciting new development is a plan to expand the provision of regional ‘stand-alone’ conferences which will make CSPN’s training and resources more accessible to our members.

*Due to COVID-19, regional conference have been temporarily suspended.  We hope to begin planning for these again as travel becomes easier on a global scale.


"the workshop on orphanages was so helpful to us....we had our eyes opened to see what the risks are for these children"
delegate Africa conference November 2015


"I really enjoyed the workshops on policy writing in International Christian schools- practical and great take home value" - delegate Europe Conference March 2016